About EAPs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are a workplace employee benefit intended to help individuals with personal issues adversely affecting their work, health and well-being. EAPs typically involve short-term counseling by qualified professionals and referral services. They provide much-needed services to the community through the workplace, by helping employees with issues such as:

  • Aging parent/caregiver issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Marriage and relationship counseling
  • Financial stressors
  • Childcare concerns
  • Partner abuse
  • Critical incident response
  • Work and life training (coaching) and workshops (seminars)

EAP network providers contract with employers to provide EAP counseling services to their employees. Because personal problems can affect an employee’s work performance and home life, many employers have an incentive to provide these services. The goal of this short-term counseling is to help employees address their problems, helping them return to a more productive life. As appropriate, employees may be referred for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of more serious concerns.

Employee assistance professionals provide this short-term counseling; they may also provide workshops and training to employees and managers on how to better recognize problems that can lead to performance concerns, and on how to enhance skills that improve work-life performance.

EAP counseling services are typically offered to employees at no cost to them; the costs are borne by the employer through their contract with the EAP network provider.