EAP Network Providers

Your search for qualified social workers just got easier. We know that finding a professional with the necessary qualifications and expertise in the perfect location can be difficult for many EAP provider networks. That’s why we created EAPrefer – an innovative EAP referral program.

How it works

EAPrefer® is a national program that allows EAP network providers to match qualified social workers with their clients in need. It is fast, easy and free. Using our robust, state-of-the-art database, you can search for a social worker who specializes and has experience in providing exactly the type of services your client needs. We have professionals in all 50 U.S. states and territories, ready to serve your specific needs.

How it benefits you

Through EAPrefer, providers have the ability to find a social worker who is in the right location, who has the appropriate education and licensure, and who carries professional liability insurance.

Best of all, using the easy-to-use links provided in the database, you’ll be able to contact that social worker immediately to get started on setting them up with your client.

About our qualified professionals

Social workers must meet certain qualifications to participate in the EAPrefer program. In order to participate, they must:

  • Be a NASW member with a PhD or MSW degree
  • Be licensed to practice counseling without supervision in their state
  • Hold professional liability insurance

NASW members who have BSW degrees and experience leading training and coaching workshops are also included in the EAPrefer database. EAP network providers may contact BSW-prepared social workers to lead training and coaching workshops when appropriate.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in the EAPrefer program does not constitute referral or endorsement by ASI or NASW of any social worker listed therein, nor can ASI guarantee that the information submitted by each social worker accurately reflects that social workers credentials, experience and expertise. By using the EAPrefer program you acknowledge and agree that ASI and NASW shall not have any liability for any injury or damages that may be incurred by any person or entity as a result of the acts or omission of any social worker in the EAPrefer program.