Program Benefits

Developed by the nation’s leading social work association

EAPrefer® consists of members of the nation’s largest and most respected professional organization of social workers. Social workers must be members of NASW to participate in the program – and be committed to abiding by its Code of Ethics.

Easily find the right social worker to meet your needs

The hard work is done. Our robust database is full of qualified social workers who are licensed to practice in their state and hold professional liability insurance. You can easily find the right professional for each client by using our navigation fields to search by location and area of expertise. Once you find your fit, contact that social worker directly using the information provided in the database.

Access for EAP network providers

To access our comprehensive EAPrefer database, EAP network providers are asked to sign a licensing agreement.

To request more information, email us at and put “Request for EAPrefer Partnership” in the subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting any new EAP Network Provider Partners.

Simplified relationship with social worker professionals and pre-negotiated rates

We work with your organizations to determine pre-negotiated rates with all our social worker participants, starting at a minimum of $60.00 to $65.00 per hour. We help you simplify the paperwork required while making sure your needs for adequate and timely record-keeping are met.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in the EAPrefer program does not constitute referral or endorsement by ASI or NASW of any social worker listed therein, nor can ASI guarantee that the information submitted by each social worker accurately reflects that social workers credentials, experience, and expertise. By using the EAPrefer program you acknowledge and agree that ASI and NASW shall not have any liability for any injury or damages that may be incurred by any person or entity as a result of the acts or omission of any social worker in the EAPrefer program.