Join EAPrefer Today!

EAPrefer network provider partners

We’d like to discuss how your company can partner with EAPrefer. We’ll tell you more about how the program works, and develop a tailored letter of agreement between NASW Assurance Services and your company. To request more information, email us at and put “Request for EAPrefer Partnership” in the subject line.

NASW members

Enrollment in EAPrefer® is quick and easy! To enroll, please review our requirements and qualifications to determine if participation is possible. Then, simply download the application or use the online process available on our ENROLL page.

Non-NASW member social workers

EAPrefer® is a benefit program for members of the National Association of Social Workers. You must be a member of NASW to participate in EAPrefer. If you are not currently a member, we invite you to JOIN the more than 140,000 social workers who are already a part of the nation’s largest and most-respected organization representing the social workers.