Social Workers

EAPrefer® is a program that helps social workers put their experience and expertise to use by helping employees in need— allowing you to earn additional income while assisting others. You must be a member of the National Association of Social Workers to participate.

How it works

The EAPrefer program allows EAP network providers to easily match qualified social workers with clients who need them. As an NASW member participating in EAPrefer, your information will be provided to a EAP network provider, which may contract with you to deliver services to employees on a range of issues from financial and work-related stresses, to relationship and care giving concerns.

How it benefits you

The EAPrefer program was developed as a benefit of your NASW membership, and at no cost to you. It’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your private practice, supplement your current income, or enable you to continue to work in the profession after retirement. It’s designed to be flexible to fit your schedule. You’ll have the opportunity to determine when and if you take on cases.

Plus, the process is streamlined, with limited paperwork and fair and timely reimbursements. NASW ASI has negotiated with select EAP network providers in your area and has created an easy system for you to sign up and begin receiving referrals if you qualify.



Our EAP network provider partners have established certain qualifications for social workers to participate in the EAPrefer program. In order to sign up, you must:

  • Be a NASW member with a PhD or MSW degree*
  • Be licensed to practice counseling without supervision in your state
  • Hold professional liability insurance.

*There may also be opportunities for NASW members with BSW degrees to lead training and coaching workshop programs where permitted.

Depending on your location, and the requirements of the applicable EAP network provider partners, you may be required to have office space outside of your home to provide services.

To find out whether you have the license required to practice in your state, visit the Association Of Social Work Boards, and then select “Find a licensing board” under the “Social Work Licensing” section.