EAPrefer® is a program developed as a benefit for members of the National Association of Social Workers, who meet qualifications to provide EAP services in their state. You must be a member of NASW to participate in EAPrefer.

If you aren’t a member now, we invite you to join the over 140,000 social workers who have already joined the nation’s largest and most respected organization representing the profession.

As a social worker, you are a skilled professional who came to the profession to make a difference to those in need. To be the best in your profession requires access to cutting-edge ideas, up-to-date research, and high quality resources.

Your NASW membership can provide you with all of those resources that will help you to not only fulfill your personal career goals, but ultimately help you make a difference.

To become a member or find out more about NASW visit the National Association of Social Workers website.