Program Benefits

Schedule flexibility

The EAPrefer® program is perfect for those who may be interested in strengthening their private practice, supplementing their retirement or are simply interested in part-time work with a flexible schedule.

EAPrefer® is tailored to fit your schedule: take on as many or as few cases as your schedule allows (although the number of cases offered to you will depend on your individual qualifications and the cases available from employers in your area).

Fair compensation

Once you become part of the program, EAP network providers can send you client referrals; you’ll receive a minimum of $60.00 to 65.00 per hour session from the providers.

There is no cost for NASW members to participate – this benefit is free! In fact, compensation from just three sessions through this EAP program can actually pay for your annual NASW membership dues.

Streamlined system

EAPrefer® makes participation easy. Connecting with provider networks and clients, paperwork and reimbursement are all streamlined so that you spend more time helping clients and less time handling administrative and service reimbursement issues.

If you meet the program qualifications and sign up as a participant, our EAP partner companies can contact you directly when they have an appropriate case in your area – you can decide whether to accept each case.